Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

This video has been circulating my facebook page so I decided to watch it…my initial reaction was finally a parent who is actually doing something about their teenagers inappropriate facebook actions and was glad that he actually monitored his teenagers use of facebook.  I do strongly feel that children today aren’t thankful for all the devices their parents purchase for them and that when they are to help around the house they act as if they work too hard or its against the law for parents to make them pull their weight.  My generation is guilty of it also.  You used to have to earn the things parents bought for you or you had to buy them yourself and children today don’t experience this as much (different in every household).  Also most parents don’t even know what their kids are doing on the internet. I gave this dad credit for actually even caring.

I took some time to think about this video and watched it again.  My second reaction was is this really the right approach to educating your teenager on appropriate facebook use?  Shooting your girl’s laptop and posting the video online for millions to see…  I am not a parent but I can’t help but think of other ways he could have delt with this whole situation.  She will never learn from her mistakes if you just stop providing her with a laptop.  It isn’t the laptop’s fault for the way she feels about her home life, obvisouly she is not happy and feels she can’t talk to her parents.  I don’t know what the right punishment or parenting strategy is for the teenager’s actions but those are some of my thoughts.  What are your thoughts after watching this video?


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  1. This is crazy!! I agree with him taking actions in order for her to learn respect and gradtitude for what she has in her life (although shooting her laptop is a little drastic!), but I am not so sure about him posting this on Youtube/Facebook. That girl is going to be harrassed so much in her school and community from the popularity on this video, and at that age negative attention like that takes a huge toll on a person’s life. I hope she learns her lesson but I also hope that her life doesn’t turn into a huge mess.

  2. I am actually more worried about none of us hearing the girl’s story. We have only seen what the father did. Smoking a ciggy. Aggresive. Disrespectful. Do you really think we can learn lack of respect from nowhere? Or aggression?
    I actually posted an entry about this video as well: http://annaraskolnikoff.wordpress.com/2012/02/11/power-struggle/

  3. Wow he goes on quite the rant. And Anna, I too noticed all the cursing and disrespect he showed his daughter, and how ironic it is that he called her out for this very thing. I agree that parents should be involved in their children’s online lives, but I would argue for a more pro-active approach. Talk with your kids about some of the realities of surfing and posting to the net before giving them their own labtop. Talk about rules and expectations you have. It would also be a good idea to agree upon consequences ahead of time in case those rules are broken so that parents and children don’t end up in situations like this one.

    I really don’t think publicly posting a video like this to the net is setting his daughter a good example of how to deal with her issues. In fact, when it comes down to it, he’s modelling his preferred method of problem solving and essentially challenging her to one-up him, as he attempted to one-up her.

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